Over Pleinvrees ADE

Where & when?

Pleinvrees ADE is back this year on Thursday and Friday, October 14th and 15th. In our beloved Westerunie, at the Westergasterrein, we'll make sure you'll experience an ADE-madness you'll remember!

From - till?

During our 2 ADE events, we'll open doors around 15:00 and will party into the night, until 00:00h!


All of our ADE-events are for 18+. Just to be sure, bring your ID to prove you're old enough, otherwise you might not get in!


Pleinvrees ADE will happen in our beloved Westerunie + Transformatorhuis. This is situated next to the iconic Westergasfabriek, in Amsterdam West. With three different stages, and many many artists, we'll make sure you'll dance tour socks off!

Address: Klönneplein 4-6, 1014 DD Amsterdam


Don't want to dance while still wearing your jacket? No problem, you can put it in a locker! At the entrance you can rent a locker where you can store your belongings, while you're partying like there's no tomorrow.

Press requests

Press questions can always be sent to Please describe in the e-mail for which media or platform you do the request and in what way you'll write or report about our beautiful event.


Pleinvrees Events BV.

Archangelkade 31

1013 BE Amsterdam


Do you want to be part of the Pleinvrees crew during ADE? Do you like to get to know new people, gain some work experience and get to go to our ADE events for free? Check the website of Revolution to see which shifts are still available for you to join, or send them an e-mail!



Where to buy?

Ticketsale for Pleinvrees ADE has started already so be quick and buy your ticket here! Completely sold-out? Maybe ADE has some tickets left on their website, or otherwise you can try Ticketswap which is the safest way to buy tickets from other people!

Print tickets?

Please don't! :) With the beautiful technology nowadays, we can easily scan tickets from your smartphone. Only thing you have to do is make sure your brightness is on full! Better for our lovely planet, since we save some paper and ink.

Ticket lost?!

Don't remember when you saw your ticket for the last time? Looked everywhere? If you still don't know where they are, please contact

No tickets?

You didn't receive a confirmation email or ticket? Please contact , we'll help you out from there!

Think about the environment

We really like trees, they give us oxygen and tell us which season it is. Therefore, please download your tickets on your smartphone to be scanned at the entrance! This way we save a lot of prints (and trees).

Celebrate Safe

What is Celebrate Safe?

Partying together is something we always encourage! But what's even more important is that everyone also gets home safely. Thats why we partnered with 'Celebrate Safe'. They give professional guidance and help for everyone who wants or needs it. This way we contribute to a safer and healthier nightlife! For more info, go to

Alcohol & drugs

Alcohol and drugs are never without risks! Take care of your body and don't forget that hard drugs are still illegal :)
It might seem that our tolerant society accepts drug use, but legally it's definitely forbidden. Still considering to use drugs? Please go to a local test center to get it all tested before using it. It's also important to keep an eye our for each other! If you're not feeling well, please visit our First Aid station at the event. They are more than happy to help you. 

More info about all this? Please visit


Drugs are illegal and therefore not permitted at Pleinvrees ADE. At the entrance, everyone will be checked. In case you have anything on you, you can get a fine.

Meer informatie

I love my ears

Please take care of your ears! With music above 87 dB it is smart to use earplugs with a special music filter. With these earplugs you can still hear the music perfectly, conversations remain intelligible and most important of all, you prevent hearing damage and the annoying ringing after the event. In addition the Alpine PartyPlug earplugs are super comfortable. During Pleinvrees am Strand Alpine PartyPlug earplugs will be available at all the cash desks. The PartyPlug earplugs are reusable, so you can protect your ears not only at Pleinvrees am Strand but on other festivals as well. Love your ears!

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