Navigating ADE with Uber

Uber gets you wherever you need to go. Download the app, request a ride, and a nearby driver will arrive in minutes.

Already an Uber pro? Check out the ADE tips below to take your experience to the next level:


Ready, set, go!

Before your ADE journey begins, please check if your Uber app is up to date, if you're still logged in and if a correct, valid paying method is linked to your account.



Now you never have to leave before the final encore. Request a ride 24/7.


Know before you go

Run a fare estimate before requesting. Fares fluctuate based on demand, so if it’s out of your

price range, check back for lower fares.


Find your driver

To help you find each other, or if you need to give your Uber driver some additional pickup instructions, you can use the handy and anonymous ‘Contact’ feature. This allows you to get in touch via chat or phone with your driver directly to discuss the finer details.


Confirm your driver

ADE is going to be busy, so make sure you get into the right car with the right driver. Double

check your driver’s car model and license plate in the app before you hop in your ride.


Request a ride with multiple stops

Need to pick up a friend along the way? Tap '+' in your screen to easily add multiple stops to

your trip.


Split your fare

During a trip, select “Split Fare” at the bottom of your screen to divide the trip fare equally

between friends.


Send your Status

Send your trip status and let your friends know when you’ll arrive or when you’ll be home.’


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